Seekers: The Quest Begins

Author: Erin Hunter; Harper Collins, 2009; 320

Plot: Erin Hunter, author of the mega popular Warriors books, focuses on larger mammals in this latest trilogy. In this book, three young bear cubs—a grizzly, a polar, and a black bear living in captivity in a zoo—whose paths would never cross in reality, are destined to meet. Two of the cubs are orphaned, Kallik, the polar cub, who witnessed the death of his mother by an orca pod, and Toklo, who was abandoned by his mother, and are wandering alone, with minimal survival skills. Lusa, a black bear cub, escapes a zoo, after encountering Toklo’s mother in captivity. Lusa promises to find Toklo and let him know that his mother loves (loved) him.

Genre: Fiction

Reading Level: Ages 9 to 12

Review: “This book is really about what we are doing to the bears’ environment, told through their beliefs.” That’s how my 8-year-old son described this book’s plot, and that describes it in a nutshell. We read this book together, and I grew weary of this tale, but his interest did not falter. I longed for conciseness, he wanted to immediately start book two of this three-part series. This book’s story line is complex as the author lays out the lineage of bear cubs—a grizzly, a black bear, and a polar bear—and two of the three’s mothers’ premature deaths, life-changing events that set them adrift in their deteriorating environments.

I watched the author being interviewed about this latest work. She described how she creates the theme and a team of writers write (churn?) the text out, likening herself to Michelangelo and his team of artists. Hmm? Seekers is no Sistine Chapel, but that’s my opinion. What counts is that kids love this series. While I think this book sucks, I recommend it.


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