The Ink Drinker

Author: By Eric Sanvoisin, Dell Yearling; 1996, pp. 35

Plot: It’s summer vacation and the protagonist of The Ink Drinker is forced to spend it in his father’s book store, watching out for shoplifters. Ugh. … But what’s that? Did that odd-looking customer just drink a book with a straw? The boy follows this strange bookworm to the cemetery, where he confronts him. Yikes! Did the boy just get nicked by a fountain pen nib! Oh, this is going to play out worse than a kid in candy store.

Genre: Fiction

Reading Level: Ages 8 to 12

Review: This book about a book vampire that sucks the words off of pages is quirky and delightfully creepy. The main character is a young boy whose father owns a book store. The boy is forced to work in the store and catch shoplifters. The job gets interesting when a strange-looking character walks in and pulls out a straw and drinks the words off the page. That’s a little hard to swallow (hah-hah), so the boy pursues the strange dude, and, let’s say, he acquires a taste for vowels. The book is part of a trilogy that includes A Straw for Two and The City of Ink Drinkers. Readers will drink this up.


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