Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules

Plot: Greg Heffley and best friend Rowley are a year older and entering their second year of junior high school, so things are looking up—no one is punking them out on the first day of school. They are no longer at the bottom of the food chain, the memory of the “cheese touch”  is fading, and, heck, maybe Greg is in for a good year. Maybe he and older brother Roderick will get along. Sheesh, yeah right.

Genre: Comedy

Ages: 7 and older

Review: Have you ever laughed so hard you almost choked on your tongue?! The movie adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules is that LOL funny and outrageous. My daughter leaned over, embarrassed, and said, “Mom! You are in a movie theater.” This is one movie that parents and adults may enjoy more than kids. Roderick, um, he is not hard to look at. Greg and Rowley have made peace—thanks to Greg’s taking the fall for the cheese touch in Diary of the Wimpy Kid: The Movie—although Rowley is still awkwardly embarrassing. Roderick still torments Greg, but now that Greg is a year older, there are glimmers of hope, hope that he and Greg may become partners in crime, if crime is keeping secrets from their hover-mother and father.


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