The Revolutionary War: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: History)

By Elizabeth Raum; You Choose Books, 2009; pp 117

Plot: Imagine if you,  the reader, found yourself at a fork in the road and you had a decision to make. That’s the premise behind the You Choose series. This book places readers in the months leading up to the Revolutionary War and presents a series of choices that readers can make–remain loyal to England, support a network of spies,  join a militia, escape to Florida and then flee to Cuba.

Genre: Non-fiction

Ages: 9 to 12

Review: This book brings history to life, and for that reason, it rocks! This one is kid-tested. My children loved this book, which has numerous endings depending on the plot line chosen. You Choose doesn’t tell readers the importance of choices: it shows them.  We also read the You Choose title for the Civil War, and it too was a hit. This book and the series by Raum, are a great way to put flesh and bones back into history, driving home the point that history is a recording of choices made by those that came before us.


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