By Roald Dahl; Viking, 1988; pp. 240

Plot: Procious is an understatement. Four-year-old Matilda is brilliant, but she is saddled with loutish parents and a brother, all who overlook her and make her the scapegoat for all that goes wrong in their lives. Matilda is always one step ahead of her used car-selling father. She needs her wits about her, because kindergarten is going to get very interesting, where the Trunchbull, a former Olympic hammer-thrower and the principal, rules with an iron fist and terrorizes students and the kindly Miss Honey. There is no one as kind as Miss Honey, but even she is powerless against the Trunchbull. Luckily, for all concerned, Matilda has a secret talent that turns the tables on deserving adults, especially the Truchbull.

Genre: Fiction

Ages: 9 to 12

Review: You don’t like this book. Wow, you are bitter. Matilda is smart, resourceful. and, in a word, a genius, but she’s not the only genius in these pages. The amazing Roald Dahl strikes again. Dahl appeals to readers’ sense of justice and powerlessness, to create a vicarious anthem-like read.


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