Please Stop Laughing at Me

By Jodee Blanco; Adams Media; 2010, pp 304
Plot/Review: This autobiographical work reveals how school one misunderstood girl was systematically ridiculed and tormented—and physically abused–by her classmates in grammar, junior high, and senior high. I am not sure what the takeaways are, if any, from this book. Blanco was a “tall poppy, a precocious child who stood out and someone whom the other kids had to chop down. This book doesn’t offer coping strategies or advice. In fact, Blanco’s revenge was in becoming a wildly successful public relations professional and author. As if all victims of bullying should be so lucky! I’m not sure it’s useful, but it is a vicarious glimpse into the inner thoughts of the bullied and will appeal to some readers in a titillating sort of way. Recommended with reservations.

 Ages: Ages 13 and older


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