Warriors (Three-box Set)

 By Erin Hunter; Harper Collins; 2009; pp. 336

Plot: “Everyone wants to be a cat, because a cat is where it’s at.”
There are no Aristocats in this three-book set. These cats–Thunderclan cats–have a hard, all-claws barred life. Graystripe is separated from his family and forest home. Captured by the Twolegs, he must find his way back to the forest. Graystripe refuses to be domesticated, even if Millie lives in that world. Greystripe sets off to find the forest–with Millie.

Genre: Fantasy

Reading Level: Ages 8 to 12

Review: Let’s put it out there: I do not like cats AND I am no fan of Erin Hunter. The lady runs a paper mill and employs teams of writers to pump out her young adult novels. She is Michelangelo and they are the scribes. The Seekers was overwrought and shoulda-coulda been condensed. However, that’s my useless opinion. The Warriors are a black-and-white comic/manga adaptation of her Warriors novels, and everything Hunter’s novels are not: short, graphic, and to the point. That disturbs some die-hard Hunter fans, but I like the Warriors series, and so does my son. He better not get any ideas about a pet cat. Let’s hope Hunter pays her writers better than Arianna Huffington pays her scribes.


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