Natasha’s Flight

Natasha's flight jpegWhen you read a first-time author’s work, you are entering uncharted territory, taking a leap of faith that the author is a storyteller. So it is with Natasha’s Flight, a story about a Belarusian internet bride who embarks on her own leap of faith.

This story begins in the first-class cabin of a jetliner departing Russia and headed for New York and Natasha’s new life with her future American husband, who is a smidge too old and bland for her. However, Natasha meets and sits next to an American who works—of all places—in the U.S. embassy processing visas, and who she observes, unlike her internet husband, has a flat stomach. The author allows the two passengers to haltingly reveal their suspicions and impressions of the other, permitting the reader to settle back and enjoy this tale. Curiosity, doubts, and, maybe something else, is kindled on this flight.

The reader is in good hands while Natasha reconciles her life-altering decision with the internal turbulence that the flight causes.

* This blog is slowly shifting from tween reads to YA reads. This book is recommended/appropriate for YA readers.


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