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This One Summer

this one summer

This One Summer is perfection. The story is about two tween girls who meet up each summer at their families’ summer cabins and, of course, this summer are awkwardly traversing adolescence and dealing with their parent’s emotional baggage, their attraction to boys and horror films, and the danger that is just below the water line in the woods and in the convenience store they frequent. The girls are just that  … girls. Nothing contrived here. The artwork is gorgeously stark and soothing, like waves lapping the shore, hypnotic, but with an unsuspecting undertow. I just finished it and want to read it again.


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I Want to Like The Wrenchies, but

I tried, really tried to like Farel Dalrymple’s gorgeously and intricately drawn futuristic apocalyptic tale The Wrenchies, but couldn’t. I could lose myself in the artwork (amazing), but could not get past the unimaginative, unnecessary profanity and complex storyline. I kept waiting for something to happen, found myself skimming the pages, and, then, just giving up.

the wrenchies

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